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‘Shakespeare’s about real people’ (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Cold, hard facts sink Antarctic ice claim

AA Factcheck: Truth gored in post about horned shaman’s release

‘I’ve done it all’ – Sir Rod Stewart on getting older and staying fit (Radio New Zealand)

Down into the disaster zone: Cyclone Gabrielle (Radio New Zealand)

Pavement return to NZ, celebrating Flying Nun’s influence (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Bell tolls for nonsense sovereign citizen road tolls claim

‘The best book I read this year is…’ (Radio New Zealand)

How to become a film expert over the summer holidays (Radio New Zealand)

12 TV series you may have missed in the age of peak content (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Sovereign citizen a victim of deluded fantasy

Book review link: Best Books of 2022 and Mensun Bound’s The Ship Beneath The Ice 

Review: Midnight Oil burns bright on final tour (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Treaty remains the same regardless of New Zealand’s name

AAP Factcheck: Face mask hygiene study hijacked by dirty claim

Wet Leg’s Rhian Teasdale on their sudden rise to fame (Radio New Zealand)

Book reviews link: With A Mind To Kill by Anthony Horowitz; Straits: Beyond The Myth of Magellan by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto 

AAP Factcheck: Island bunker image is a dose of fantasy

AAP Factcheck: Party On! Constitution claim judged to be utter nonsense

AAP Factcheck: Murdoch media ban a tall tale from across the Tasman

AAP Factcheck: Claims Jacinda Ardern stole speech from a movie are un-bee-lievable

Yesterday was New Zealand’s January 6. What happens now? (Radio New Zealand)

NFTs: Gimmicky status symbol or tech revolution zeitgeist? (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Brutal Aztec pandemic claim sacrifices the truth

Going home in the age of Omicron (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Smallpox eradication claim denies vaccine evidence

AAP Factcheck: Video airs false claims about face masks and respiratory diseases

Misinformation pandemic will endure longer than Delta variant (Radio New Zealand) (Also published at New Zealand Herald and Newshub)

AAP Factcheck: Long-touted COVID-19 ‘survival rate’ figure is overdue to expire

Ten streaming picks to get you through lockdown

AAP Factcheck: Yes, viruses can evolve to become more deadly

AAP Factcheck: Wild claims about CDC PCR alert don’t pass the test

AAP Factcheck: Those viral posts are just no use, no one is cancelling Dr Seuss

AAP Factcheck: Post tying NZ vaccine program to dire population warning full of falsehoods

Trump loses control of his own deluded narrative (Radio New Zealand)  (also at Newsroom)

Opinion: The one word that really matters for US election day (Radio New Zealand)

Amy Coney Barrett appointment all about the politics (Radio New Zealand)

Why being an American in New Zealand right now is kind of heartbreaking (Radio New Zealand)

Finding a community in isolation: Amanda Palmer (Radio New Zealand)

Why America just can’t quit its gun problem (Radio New Zealand)

AAP Factcheck: Claims on CDC COVID-19 data incorrect

AAP Factcheck: Masks can’t make you sicker – Experts

AAP Factcheck: Post misleads on Australian COVID deaths

AAP Factcheck: Nasal swabs can’t harm the brain, doctors say

Blood clot danger: How I nearly died and what happened next (Radio New Zealand) (also published at Stuff)

Bird of the Year competition: Keeping the good vibe flying high (Radio New Zealand)

California’s fires and why New Zealand should worry too (New Zealand Herald)

Pop-Up Globe brought Shakespeare to life in New Zealand (Radio New Zealand)

New Zealand’s media landscape: ‘The future isn’t advertising’ (Stuff)

Ouch – online shopping just got painful (Stuff)

Boomers represent one-third of New Zealand’s disposable income spending (Stuff)

Let’s do the time warp again – the classic films coming to a cinema near you (New Zealand Herald)

Spark’s first big test: How did it fare? (Stuff)

A tribute to MAD Magazine (The Spinoff)

Stranger Things 3 and growing up in the ’80s (Radio New Zealand)

Donald Trump could actually win (2016) (The Spinoff)

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