Hey, it’s the Amoebargain end-of-year back issue sale

Hello good people! It’s time for the AMOEBARGAIN year-end sale – if you’ve been after some of my rare 1990s Amoeba Adventures issues or waiting for a chance to pick up the newer issues, now is the time to step forward for a holiday deal.

So many, many years ago I moved to New Zealand, long enough now that I say “petrol” instead of “gas” and I call everybody “mate.” Anyway, mates, when I moved a small box of my vintage Amoeba Adventures comics and other zines from the 1990s languished, forgotten, in my parents’ basement. More than 20 years after they were published, it’s time to set some of them free into the world to new homes, so here’s your chance to grab some long, long out-of-print Amoeba Adventures print issues by myself, Max Ink and others! 

There are only three to five copies left available to sell for most of these issues. Once these are gone, they are GONE. They’re going pretty darned cheap, and I am doing very small print runs these days as it’s easier to predominantly publish digitally. 

By December 31, the sale is OVER forever and ever so don’t sleep on it! 

Amoeba Adventures Starter Pack #28-30 – US$15  SOLD OUT!

Amoeba Adventures #29, #30 – Just a few copies left, $6.50 US each.

Here’s what is available right now of vintage Protoplasm Press issues – will be updated if items sell out: 

Here’s what is available right now of vintage issues – UPDATED – Some issues are starting to sell out, folks, so don’t sleep on this!

Amoeba Adventures #11 – Great jumping-on point and the first issue with Max Ink as artist. $3

Amoeba Adventures #13 – It’s the return of Herr Heinous and a night out to remember. $3

Amoeba Adventures #14 – Max Ink goes solo. $3 ONE COPY LEFT!

Amoeba Adventures #15 – The debut of Mindmaster and more. $3 TWO COPIES LEFT!

Amoeba Adventures #18- A two-part tale featuring the Asbestos Mushroom and the Period! $2

Amoeba Adventures #19 – Part two, featuring a jailbreak and Prometheus’s transformation! $2

Amoeba Adventures #20 – “The Dark Ages” begins with Rambunny’s worst day ever. $2

Amoeba Adventures #21 – A guest-star filled party, and the Dark One makes his move. $2

Amoeba Adventures #22 – At last – the real origin of Prometheus. $2

Amoeba Adventures #23 – The final battle for one of the All-Spongy Squadron. $3 TWO COPIES LEFT!

Amoeba Adventures #24 – The endgame of “The Dark Ages” as secrets are revealed. – $2

Amoeba Adventures #25 – The Dark One’s origin as the final battle begins. – $3 TWO COPIES LEFT!

Son Of Spatula Forum – A massive 90-page collections of my non-comics writing and columns from 1997-2000, $4 each

Rambunny #1 – The big rabbit’s action-packed solo debut! – $2 each SOLD OUT

Prometheus: Silent Storm – A rare guest-artist packed 1992 AIDS benefit story of the All-Spongy Squadron. $3 – ONE COPY LEFT!

Chiaroscuro #1 – An offbeat collection of incredibly strange comics I did for alternative newspapers in the 1990s – $3 SOLD OUT

You can pay direct to my Paypal account right here:

Postage via media mail anywhere in the US $4.00 for 3-4 books, $5.00 for 5-8 books. Any orders over $20 get FREE postage. Non-US orders inquire first. Books will ship starting mid-December. Contact me if questions!

Author: nik dirga

I'm an American journalist who has lived in New Zealand for more than a decade now.

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